In Exploring Volcanoes, you will learn about the different types of volcanoes by building a model with a bubbling eruption. You will receive rock samples that were produced from volcanoes and will travel the rock cycle to create your own homemade rock! You will learn about the viscosity of lava by creating three different types and test the gas production in magma. Finally, you will plot where the most active volcanoes on Earth are located by using latitude and longitude.


What’s included:


- Introduction to Volcano types

- Vocabulary cards for rocks

- Dichotomous key for identifing rocks

- Online review and quiz

- 6 engaging hands-on projects 

- QR code linked review videos

- Full answer keys to all student work

- All materials needed to complete labs

- Access to the creators of is always available through chat and email for answers to any questions. 

Explore Volcanoes: In depth, hands on, and real instruction

  • Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept refunds.

  • Lesson recommendations

    Estimated time to complete: 6-8 hours

    Age suggestions: 4th-6th grade with parental guidance and 7th-10th grade independently