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  • How do I contact you directly?
    Just send us an email at: You'll reach both Lindsey & Jenn, and we would be happy to help you.
  • Where are these products made?
    We make everything right in Berlin, MD. All of our kits are put together by hand. We press our own t-shirts and apparel. Everything is done on nights and weekends, after we get out of school!
  • What age range would enjoy these experiments?
    Everyone! Kids as young as 3 love doing these experiments with parents. Everyone up to high school ages will learn and have fun. While we build each new kit, we perform these experiments with friends and family of all ages, and everyone loves it!
  • Are these experiments too messy for in the house?
    Well... kids will be kids - but these experiments were made to be performed in the house, especially the kitchen. Take proper precautions to cover anything sensitive, but really - they were made for kids to go experiment and learn, at their pace. We've tested them in our homes with people of all ages.
  • We homeschool our young scientists, is this a good fit for us?"
    Absolutely! These experiments provide hours of entertainment and education. You could experiment and learn a little at a time over several days. Every kit comes with easy to follow instructions, so anyone can teach and anyone can learn.
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