Kit includes:

  • Materials to build a volcano model with elephant toothpaste eruption

  • Model the 3 different types of volcanoes using Play-Doh

  • Volcano painting in a bag

  • Shadow Dinosaur Art

  • Lava Slime

  • Liquid Eruption with Mentos

  • Dinosaur fossils & identification

  • The science behind all of the experiments!

Jurassic Volcano Kit: For kids who love dinosaurs and volcanoes!

  • The lab equipment needed to complete these experiments is NOT included.  We highly recommend purchasing the lab equipment kit available on the website.  This one-time purchase will be needed to complete all of our science kits.

  • Estimated time to complete: 3-5 hours

    Age suggestions: 3 years old-5th  grade.  Older kids who have an interest in dinosaurs and volcanoes will also love this kit!